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Who are you, my soul? 

If you see the sea, its waves raging and swirling,
Or hear the sea weeping at the feet of rocks,
You’ll watch for the waves until they check their tumult
And whisper to the sea until it hears its sighing
Coming back to it from you.
Was it from the waves that you came? 

If you hear the thunder echoing between the folds of the clouds
Or see the lightning, its sword cleaving the forces of darkness.
You’ll watch for the lightning until you snatch its flame
And the thunder ceases, but leaving in you its echo.
Was it from the lightning that you were severed?
Or with the thunder did you descend?

If you see the wind scattering the snow from the peaks of the mountains
Or hear the wind howling in the gloom amongst the hills,
The wind  will calm, so stay with longing, listening.
While I call out to you, but you from me are distant
In a domain which I see not.
Was it of the wind that you were born?

If you see the dawn walking stealthily amongst the stars
Embroidering the cloak of passing night with patterns,
The dawn hears a prayer rising from you towards it
And you fall prostrate like a prophet on whom revelation has fallen
With humility, kneeling.
Was it from the dawn that you sprang forth?

If you see the sun in the bosom of the brimming waters
Gazing at the earth and what is therein with enchanting eye,
The sun calms, while my heart longs to be calm,
The earth sleeps, but you are wakeful, watching
The distant couch of the sun.
Was it from the sun that you came down?

If you hear the nightingale, melodious amongst the jasmine,
Pouring notes, a fire into the hearts of lovers,
You burn with sadness and desire, yet love from you is distant.
So tell me, does the night song of the nightingale bring back
The memory of your past to you?
Is it from the music that you come?

My Soul! You are music within me whose echo has resounded.
The hand of an artist, hidden, unseen, has played you.
You are wind, breeze, you are wave, you are sea.
You are lightning, you are thunder, you are night, you are dawn.
You are Divine Emanation!