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A luminous vessel appeared at dawn in the sky it descended from the sky and looked upon me
then like an eagle picking up a bird in the hunt that vessel picked me up and sped across the sky. 

As I looked inward at me I did not see my self
inside that vessel my body had turned tender as the soul 

and as I traveled on in my soul I saw nothing but the vessel
until the mystery of the pre-eternal epiphany was revealed to me. 

When the nine heavenly firmaments sank into the luminary vessel the whole ship of my being hid beneath the ocean
and as the ocean’s waves heaved, reason reared its head roaring about how things and what things became. 

And when the ocean’s waves made foam, each piece made manifest the likeness of this, a body of that.
Every foamy particle that took in a glimpse of the ocean melted at once, flowed, and became one with the ocean. 

Without the fortune of serving the true Sun of Tabriz
you neither can see that luminary vessel nor can be one with the ocean.