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O soul, emanated from a holy place, praise Your Rock (= God);

Be unique for “only one” (Ps 22:21) is your name, and do not be disobedient; 

Observe with the eye of your heart how your charioteer [relates to] your chariot, when you look within yourself;

Get rid of immaturity, like waste, and favor whiteness over blackness;

Ask the four-fold prison, who requests your light, when it will be opened; 

Withdrawn and hewn one, detest [the body brought forth] in pain from a very narrow pass;

Suppress whoredom, keep far from evil and receive knowledge;

Since the pleasure [of the body results] in grief and weakness, shun every error;

Overcome ways [of life] that are rife with pain and days spent in fear;

Turn to your Redeemer, your Glory and Splendor, associate yourself to Him;

Appeal to Him in order to encamp there and pitch your tent near Him;

[Sing] hymns and songs in praise [of Him] and look forward to your prosperity;

Conduct yourself like His holy Seraphim and draw [water] from their well:

May His mercy and His awe be your mantles and may you always put them on;

Your shoe (= body) [drives] you to sin, but the One who lifts you up to heaven deserves your praise.

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord, O my soul! (Ps 146:1)

O Lord, open my lips, and let my mouth declare Your praise. (Ps 51:17)