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What I also said about refraining the soul from
sins and keeping in mind the Day of Reckoning.

A soul, adorned with God’s glory,
How was she associated with the body? 

Or how is it that she being enlightened by all light,
will be buried amidst all those who are preserved in their bodies? 

Or how will she be defiled by menstrual blood,
a girl whose foundation is from the source of purity?

Or how did she leave divine sons and living angels,
to be tied up with the five senses? 

Or after having been seated on the royal throne, (Esth 1:2)
will she be ready to serve the body like a loyal maidservant? 

Or after having been free in heaven,
will she be tied up in a body, bound by chains? 

Or after living in a high and holy dwelling,
will she be detached from it being on earth?

Or how was it that she, being created to the worship of her Creator,
betrayed her Maker and chose for her inclination?

She loved maggot and worm, and the moment of leaving [the body]
and returning upwards, she did not remember,

whereas she forgot the Day of Judgment and the Time of Reckoning,
with regard to every sin she gathered inside [the body];

She will receive punishment for her debt and for
her Lord’s commandments which she did not keep;

Intellect will contest her in front of the Rock, at the time
of judgment, since she ignored his advice;

She will find no answer (Job 32:3) to reply him, out of great
shame for her sins, when she recollects them;

She will be ashamed and abashed for having forsaken admonitions
of moral and for having been foolish and not being careful;

They will take her to hell and her body will be
burnt by the burning breath of God; (Isa 30:33) 

She will weep because she denied suggestions of wisdom
and because she broke the yoke from her neck; (Jer 30:8)

Who is the One who can rebuke the stubborn [soul],
who exhausted all other reproachers without being reprimanded,

who sold tomorrow by this day and whose destiny was
replaced by a void and vain beginning;

Maybe she will take heed and listen to His admonition:
that is how she will be saved from all evil;

for God has the power to evoke repentance for her,
and the right hand of her Maker is not too short to make amends;

God will grant her to do His will, and among
the souls of His adherents she will no longer rage;

And in His mercy she will slumber instead of doing
any evil, while she awakens to worship Him;

Thus she will be saved from the destruction of Time and
reach the Garden of Eden, like the man who entered Zoar; 

And amongst girls, there she will look like a gracious
beauty, beloved and happy;   

Until amidst all the beloved ones her name will be known as:
‘A soul, adorned with God’s glory.’